Who We Are

Jona recruitment services is a leading health care agency offers specialised service in the home care, nursing homes, domiciliary homes and hospitals. It is in vanity of Leytonstone four minutes walk away from underground Leytonstone station heading to high street of Leytonstone in east London. It is closer to an exciting location of Stratford 5 minutes away on tube.    There is substantial evidence in NHS and in east London that there is gap of qualified staff in home care, nursing and domiciliary health care worker and social services. Jona recruitment services understand employing qualified staff and competent educated employees to the organisation will bridge the gap between employee, employers and the clients. Our clients are patients, individuals, and families in need of home care, nursing, social services and NHS.


Jona recruitment Services is promote and create caring professional environment that suite each client/patients needs and preference.

Goals and Objectives

  1. To recruit and competent, caring, and professional well-trained staff that are responsive to the needs of our patients/clients their families, and the communities we serve.
  2. To apply effective communication while engaging health care professionals to meet the needs of our clients and patients.
  3. We combine both lecturing knowledge and nursing skills to empower our staff to acquire knowledge and skills that enable them to deliver best personal centred services to our clients/patients.
  4. To ensure Continuous personal development is provided through educational training. This makes us unique because the organisation has highly competent lectures and work placement mentors to merge the gap between knowledge and skills.
  5. Each staff member will meet the required standard of Jona recruitment services limited including educational guidance and teaching requirements for the services they provide.
  6. Our aim is to satisfy the demand of our clients, service users & the society at large by recruiting & supplying high quality of Health & Social Care Professionals Job hunting? Seeking NHS or Private Healthcare Agency Work.
  7. To create employment opportunities to community of east London while equipping them with employment knowledge and skills in health care sector